Our HALAL restaurant located in the heart of Local DownTown (Sungai Pinang Kecil). Pangkor village’s local downtown is a busy little place with lots happening, particularly in the early hours of the morning when fresh produce from fishermen and from mainland are brought in for the local community’s daily needs. Our TATAMI CAFE is an only and the best Masakan Kampung HALAL restaurant in SPK which about 100m away from Masjid Al-Khairiah Sungai Pinang Kecil.

Toward the heart of the village, on the left  and right from the TATAMI CAFE, a few ‘kedai kopi’ (coffee shops) cater to the local malaysian folk who frequent the place for their breakfast and a little bit of the local gossip. This fishing villager offers a closer look at life of the average fisherman and his family. 

Malay cuisine is the traditional food of the ethnic Malays of Southeast Asia, residing in modern-day Malaysia. The main characteristic of traditional Malay cuisine is the generous use of spices. Coconut milk is also important in giving Malay dishes their rich, creamy character. The other foundation is belacan, which is used as a base for sambal, a rich sauce or condiment made from belacan, chilli peppers, onions and garlic. Our Malay cooking also makes plentiful use of lemongrass and galangal.

Although there are various types of dishes in a Malay meal, all are served at once, not in courses. Food is eaten delicately with the fingers of right hand, never with the left which is used for personal ablutions.